2nd BN, 75th Ranger Regiment

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Meanwhile somewhere else at the Bali zoo a pangolin carries its baby in its enclosure. The pangolin baby was born on May 31.

Picture: AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati

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Some of the danes relaxing while watching a Beltaine game

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"Dambe uses only the dominant hand to strike, while the ‘weaker’ hand is extended toward the opponent and used to ward off blows. Hence, the lead hand represents a shield. In fact, the dominant hand is referred to as "spear," while the other is labeled the ‘shield.’ (This shield and spear aspect is literal rather than figurative in damben karfe, with its iron-armed striking hand and glove-like shield (matashi) held in the warding hand.) Grasping and grappling is used to permit a strike with the more powerful hand, which in turn may represent what one does when one’s shield is broken. In addition, Dambe competitions are held between groups (‘armies’) who meet in dueling pairs on a symbolic battlefield, and the metaphor of warfare is apparent in the continuing use of the term ‘killing’ to signify the strike that leads to winning a match."

"Traditionally, the lead leg (the left in the case of  a right-handed boxer) was wrapped by a chain extending from ankle to knee. Known as akayau, this could be used as a weapon when kicking. Nonetheless, kicks could be executed with either foot.  Although the use of the akayau has been abandoned in contemporary Dambe boxing, Carambe notes that there is still a preferred kicking leg that is often wrapped in cloth for protection."

"The goal in Dambe is to deliver a single ‘fatal’ blow (kwab daya), meaning one that causes the opponent’s hand or knee to touch the ground (or, even better, knocks him flat to the ground). In keeping with the idea of a ‘fatal’ blow, this latter is called ‘killing’ the opponent (Abubakar). The concept of the single ‘killing’ blow that ‘has been maintained in all forms of modern Dambe and [is one of the elements that] makes the art distinct from western boxing’"

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I’ve never heard of this before. Very interesting.


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Coastal wolf by Guillaume Mazille

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What if a friend told you that they passionately felt as if they needed to cut off their own limbs?

That’s what body integrity identity disorder is. It’s people who feel a need to cut off their own limbs. The limb doesn’t hurt but for some reason they have a strong urge to remove it so they can feel “whole” again. 

This obsession usually starts in early childhood (often after one sees an amputee) and lasts for a lifetime. It’s also extremely specific. If someone with this disorder found a surgeon to cut off their legs, they will not be satisfied if it’s 3 inches from the knee as opposed to 4 inches like they wanted. If the cut is too low, they will be aware and uncomfortable about the small amount of “not-me” they still have attached to them. 

Some go to great lengths to get rid of their limbs. One person froze in leg dry ice until it was irreversibly damaged and a surgeon had to cut it off. Another shot his own leg, and others used chainsaws or homemade guillotines. 

Those who are successful are not disappointed, in fact they say that they are “whole” again and that are quite relived. It’s like silencing an annoying noise. 

This disorder does not respond to any drug intervention or psychiatric treatment. There hasn’t been much research done on it. 

SOURCE: This great book I’m reading called The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own by Sandra & Matthew Blakeslee

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Felix Clay explored your brain’s Sexytime Mode for you. See what he found out.

5 Bizarre Ways the Brain Links Sex With Shame

Toward the end of 2012, a curious article was published online, in various media outlets, about how sexual arousal suppresses disgust. … In the test, it meant women who were sexually aroused were more willing to put their hands in a bucket of used condoms than women who were not aroused, and, speaking as a currently not-aroused man, that’s pretty gross and disturbingly creative. Good job, scientists! 

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An Australian Army sniper providing security with his SR-98 sniper rifle.

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current status


current status

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Circle of Life- This past January and February, we had a rare opportunity to observe the birth cycle of an Anna’s hummingbird up close.

By chance, we spotted a hummingbird nest on a bamboo groove about 15 feet away from our courtyard balcony.  For the next several weeks, we had front row seats to witness the incredible process of eggs transformed into fledglings.

We were ecstatic and sad the day the two fledglings left the nest. But our hummingbird story didn’t end there.

The very next day, during my daily jog around Arroyo Seco trail, I found this dead hummer on the ground near the Farm. It must have flew into a window and broke it’s neck. Wanting to give it a proper burial, I placed it on this leaf and carried it back to the Farm before resuming my jog.  When I finally got home half an hour later, the setting sun cast a sharp light streak across the studio floor so I hastily setup my camera to memorialized this hummer.  Natural light is beautiful.

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Lurcher by robin jones1 on Flickr.
A lurcher is a sighthound cross popular as hunting dogs, especially in European countries. Often mixed with greyhounds, sighthounds, and some non-sighthounds to give the perfect blend of gameness, power, and stamina. Each are unique and some are truly beautiful.


Lurcher by robin jones1 on Flickr.

A lurcher is a sighthound cross popular as hunting dogs, especially in European countries. Often mixed with greyhounds, sighthounds, and some non-sighthounds to give the perfect blend of gameness, power, and stamina. Each are unique and some are truly beautiful.

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Field Exercise Report 3 - Yellow Light Tip


Take this information for what it’s worth.  We are not condoning unlawful behavior.


Generally speaking…Yellow Lights last the single number of ten seconds of the speed limit is posted.  For example:  if it is a 30 mph zone, the yellow light will last 3 seconds.  40 mph, 4 seconds.  So on.

Useful to know when tracking a target….or trying to lose one.

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